How to create an AVATAR ?

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How to create an AVATAR ?

Postby kbtan » 10 Mar 2009 11:12

Yes, I will like to create an AVATAR of my own BUT how ? Can anybody demonstrate and explain ..

Re: How to create an AVATAR ?

Postby alexquek » 11 Mar 2009 01:47

I guessed not many members put up their Avatar because nobody explained and can neither be found in the FAQ section! And those who tried could also be unsuccessful because of the restriction of the maximum dimensions (width - 150 pixels, height - 150 pixels and file size - 6.00 kb). The most difficult part is to get the image size to 6.0 kb!!

Creating your image file
1) In your computer, you either go to "Programs" then "Accessories" and then click on "Paint" and when the software appears, you go to "File" and then "Open" and then search for your photo that you want to use as Avatar. Or you go to where you store your photo (most likely in "My Pictures") and then choose the intended photo and then click on it once and then right click on it to display a selection of instructions. Select "Open with" and then choose "Paint" so that the photo will be opened with the Paint software. If you can't find the Paint program, then you click on "Choose Program" and then try to find the Paint program in "Other Programs". If still cannot find, then use the "Browse" button and a "Open with..." page will appear for you to select the program. Look for it at "My Computer", then "Local Disk (C)", then "WINDOWS", then "system 32", then find and click on "mspaint" and finally click on "Open". Then the latter page will disappear and then click on "OK" on the former page.

2) After you have opened your photo using the Paint program, you next go to "Image", then select "Stretch/Skew" and it will open up a page that will show 2 sections: Stretch and Skew. In "Stretch" section, change 100% to 10% in "Horizontal" and "Vertical". Your picture will be reduced to 10% from the initial size.

3) Next you need to check on the dimensions of your reduced image. Go to "Image", then "Attributes" and a page will appear to display the picture's width and height dimensions and also the size of image (size on disk). Make sure the "Units" is in "Pixels". Choose "Colors" as you want your Avatar in colour.

4) Next you need to save your newly configured image by going to "File" and then "Save As" and give a name to it and save it in any folder you want.

5) If your original photo is not that colourful (I mean with too many colours), then you should be able to obtain the file size of below 6 kb. You need to play around with the % in the "Stretch/Skew" part.

6) But if the file size cannot be reduced to < 6kb, then you will not be successful to upload it! If that is the case, then please email me your configured image and I will reduce it for you using Adobe Photoshop. If you have Adobe Photoshop, you can reduce it yourself by going to "File", then "Save for Web". If you have Adobe Photoshop, you do not need to use Paint program anyway.

Uploading your image file for Avatar
1) After you have login to the forum, go to "User Control Panel", then "Profile", then "Edit avatar".

2) Next at the "Upload from your machine" section, click "Browse" and then search for your configured image file. After that, click "Submit". If you meet the maximum dimensions set, your Avatar should be uploaded successfully! Congratulations! We can now identify you from then onwards!

If there is still anymore problem, please comment in this posts.
Best regards
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Re: How to create an AVATAR ?

Postby stampheart » 11 Mar 2009 02:35

I tried a few times before I managed to insert my avatar. I used the following steps:

1. Scan the image or part of the image that you want to use as your avatar. If you have a scanner, this can be done easily. When you save the image, you may want to check its properties and dimensions to fit the restrictions for the size and dimensions for avatars on this forum.

2. Save the image that you have scanned into your pictures folder.
3. Go to your user control panel and search for the edit avatar page.
4. On that page there look for the box which says upload from your computer.
5. Click on the menu there and browe your pictures folder. Locate the image you want.
6. Click on the open button and that should do the trick. If the image meets the size and dimensions restrictions for putting the avatar on this forum, you will have the avatar inserted. If not, you may have to resize the image and try all over again.

Best of luck.
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