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Postby cwwong » 26 May 2009 00:55

sidtoh wrote:Hi,
I have been following much with the bird definitives. Hope for some enlightenment.
- Are the perfs same for the both sheetlets of 20's compare to the sheets of 100's?
- Were the sheetlets issued watermark upright or inverted?

All the 8 values in the sheets/20 are with wmk inverted. All the sheets/100 came out with watermark upright. So far, I do not know of anyone who has the wmk inverted for any of the values in the sheet/20. But for the sheets/100, as reported by rocoto and the undersigned, all the values except for RM5, have recorded wmk inverted. So it is important to include the margins to distinguish the wmk inverted variety of the sheet/100 from the normal wmk inverted from the sheet/20, otherwise you can't tell the difference. Some collectors claim that there are minute but detectable differences in the sheet/20 and sheet/100 printings eg positioning of the letters, or part of the bird etc, but it is difficult to tell visually.

Also, rocoto and others had reported many material "flaws" in the earlier printings of the sheet/100. Unfortunately, I think those reports have been deleted when our site got hacked. They were very interesting flaws because all these flaws were gradually eliminated in subsequently printings and the current printings do not seem to have any.
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