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birds RM 1 2009/1

Postby cwwong » 21 May 2010 12:24

It was previously reported that the birds series RM 1 had TWO printings with the imprint date 2009/1. The first printing was with the OLD Pos logo, had yellowish gum and only wmk upright was noted. About the same time, there was a different printing with the NEW Pos logo, also had yellowish gum but with wmk inverted.. For this newer version, some wmk upright copies were known to exist - this would be SCARCE. Then 2009/2 was printed with the new logo, wmk upright but with brownish gum - consistent with the newer printings due to Pos switch of paper/gum suppliers.

However, about 4 weeks ago, 2009/1 suddenly reappeared with wmk upright, new Pos logo but with brownish gum ! Apparently, the printers did not previously complete the contract for the 2009/1 printing (for whatever reasons) and therefore proceeded to complete the contract by printing under the 2009/1 imprint date but with the brownish gum instead of the original bluish gum.

So collectors should differentiate between the THREE DIFFERENT 2009/1 printings.

NOTE: Amendments made on 29 MAY - the two previous printings had yellowish (or greenish) gum and not bluish gum as in the original text. Error regretted.
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Re: birds RM 1 2009/1

Postby stampheart » 22 May 2010 02:37


That's good information for collectors collecting these stamps.
Thanks for sharing your discoveries and knowledge and enriching the Malaysian philatelic world in this way.

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Re: birds RM 1 2009/1

Postby rocoto » 23 May 2010 14:29

It is indeed the RM1 2009/1 is one of the most complicated ones for bird definitive serial numbers.
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