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Hello everyone :)

PostPosted: 23 Apr 2009 08:13
by asha0704
Just want to say hello to everyone:) I'm a stamp lover too. hope to gain more info about stamps here:)

Re: Hello everyone :)

PostPosted: 23 Apr 2009 08:58
by yechohsan
asha0704 wrote:Just want to say hello to everyone:) I'm a stamp lover too. hope to gain more info about stamps here:)

A warm welcome ...

Re: Hello everyone :)

PostPosted: 23 Apr 2009 14:52
by alexquek
asha0704 wrote:I'm a stamp lover too.

A warm welcome! Stamp Lovers are welcome in this Forum! Hope you will benefit and learn a lot :P !

Re: Hello everyone :)

PostPosted: 13 Nov 2009 08:44
by Lee
Re: StampsDealer List
by kkboey » 12 Nov 2009 10:09

Hello Lee, Wellcome to our forum, can you please introduce yourself by posting to our Say Hello site and let everyone know you better. You have posted some good point here, and hope you are a PSM member, and if you are in KL, please come and join us every Tuesday evening to share more knowledge. Our library received many monthly philatelic magazines, periodical auction cataloges form several world auction house, society news etc. We have so many part time dealers within our member group to dispose their surplus at very cheap and reasonable price, visit our stamp fair and you should find what you want, or you can get help from the official at the PSM table.


Hello everyone,

Well, I'm a stamp collector and staying in KL. At the moment, I'm not joining any society but occasionally joining forum like this to share my
opinion and exchange ideas and learn from each other. I am not very active in this hobby due to work commitment. I work in a management
consultancy company. I collect Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand stamps, both mint and FDC. Beside that, I do collect postal labels such as
airmail, express, registered, etc. both in mint, sheet, used and whole used cover.

Occasionally, I do update my blogs, the only time I have is mid night or during public holiday. My knowledge in philately is limited and most of it
gained from reading online article and bulletin. Beside having SODA accounts with few countries, I don't really invest much on this hobby.
As my collection grow, I have problem to keep them in good conditions due to our tropical weather. Especially those FDC storing in boxes.
Only selected of my favorite collections will keep in Dry Boxes as this box is expensive, can't afford to invest more.

Beside country specific above, I do love collect nature thematic such as flowers and animals. Lately, I am keen to start a collection of Malaya and Borneo
stamps and Malaysia early year FDC in 1957 to 1963.

On design, I do love Australian and Swedish stamps. Australian stamps I admire the designer always have unique design, not always conventional
approach, with innovative and think out of the box. Swedish stamps have nostalgia feel due to the recess printing and every stamp are carefully
hand engrave. Anyway, this is just my personal preference. I enjoy in observing stamps design, what color used, what printing method, paper, the
graphic, images that the designer able to convey a message through a tiny piece of paper. It is very challenging to make a stamp successfully
conveying the issue topic. Although I have some rare collections, but I don't collect based on investment value.

That's all and happy collecting.

Re: Hello everyone :)

PostPosted: 13 Nov 2009 11:00
by kkboey
Lee, welcome and thank you for your self intro on the hobby. we hope you will join PSM one day and you will definitely be enhanced on this hobby. Hope you will attend our next stamp fair in PJ, so that we can meet up and exchange our knowledge. TKS.