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George Savage GPO Singapore 1924

PostPosted: 04 Nov 2013 13:06
by monjac
I have joined this forum in the hope of finding out about my late Uncle George Savage.
I have two letters, addressed to
G.Savage Esq
The two letters are francked Kuala Lumpur 12 Dec 1924 6 cents KGV and 24 August 1926 6 cents KGV
Does anyone know about him or where I could find out more.?
I have found a large collection of unfranked stamps from around that period mainly Straits Settlements which according to Stanley Gibbons catalogue may be quite valuable.Presumably he had access to a good source ! He had also bought sets, such as Malay Exhibition 1922.
Not being a stamp collector I propose selling them so that others can appreciate them. For smaller blocks and singles I propose using e-bay but for larger sheets , I am not sure.
Look forward to some comments especially if anyone knows anything bout George Savage.