Change of Address

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Change of Address

Postby Veraj » 14 Jan 2012 06:13

Happy New Year to all at the PSM Forum. :D
I have been in Australia this past year and wish to advise that my Australian address, to where you have kindly sent PSM journals , is no longer functional. I am returning on February 24,2012 to take up residence in Taiping. This time I will have a PO address and will advise you of the number as soon as I have it.
I look forward to seeing you at the stamp fairs in KL and maybe displaying my three frame exhibit which achieved a gold medal at Queensland State level in 2011. My intention is to increase the exhibit to five frames to make it suitable for National...will be needing advice on this.
I also need an address to where I can send my membership subs.
NB: PSM journal Vol 2, 2011, posted 21-12-2011 reached me today, a complicated route, but it arrived in ex cond. ;)
regards Vera Radnell
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Re: Change of Address

Postby alexquek » 14 Jan 2012 09:29

Hello Vera!

Happy New Year and welcome to our Forum!

Please send your membership subscription to:
Persatuan Filateli Malaysia (Philatelic Society of Malaysia)
GPO Box 10588
50718 Kuala Lumpur

Please let us have your new address together with your renewal subscription and our Person-In-Charge (Mr K.C. Mak) will amend it.

We look forward to see your award-winning exhibit which will be a great motivation to us Collectors! I suspect that it could be about Birds, right?

Yes, Journal Vol 2, 2011 is our latest one and we are happy to note that it had gone as far as to Australia!

We look forward to see you in KL and your participation in this Forum :P !
Best regards
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Re: Change of Address

Postby Veraj » 14 Jan 2012 10:43

hi Alex, thank you for your speedie response and details. :D
Although I am a bird stamp collector..and note that you are too, :) 8-) , my thematic exhibit is about hunting....from prehistoric times to present day. :idea: Some birds are included-there are sections on falconry , diurnal raptors, and duck hunting. If I can inspire other collectors on the joy of creating a thematic exhibit I will be very happy. :D
Are you collecting all birds or have you a favorite specie? :?:
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Re: Change of Address

Postby ausfoo » 14 Jan 2012 18:19


Nice to see you back in Malaysia!!
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Re: Change of Address

Postby stampheart » 15 Jan 2012 02:57


Consider writing an article for our Malaysian Philatelist since you have exhibited and I am sure you have enough material to write a few pages.
Hoping to get a positive reply.

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