MS of South East Asian countries

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MS of South East Asian countries

Postby cwwong » 05 Sep 2008 23:40

I observe something very interesting about the modern MS issued by different South East Asian countries.

Malaysia, Vietnam, Laos & Cambodia usually have the stamps in the MS different and higher value than the stamps in the set.

Philippines also have the stamps in the MS different from the set but are usually at the same face value. PI stamps are more confusing as they issue sets, MS, small sheetlets and large sheetlets.

Thailand and Singapore usually have identical stamps and values in the MS as well as the set. And usually ALL the stamps in the set are also in the MS. The stamp set appear either in a block or as a strip in the MS, so the recent Thailand peacock stamps where the two stamps appear as part of a composite picture in the MS is an interesting departure from the usual format. Singapore seems to make no exception to their basic format with only very light variations.

Brunei usually follow Thailand and Singapore but have on a few occasions issued MS with stamp quite different from the set.

Indonesia usually have identical stamps in their MS but they are at a higher face value. Also usually only 1-2 of the stamps in the set are reproduced in the MS.

Myanmar seldom issue MS. In fact they have no stamp issuing policy.

The above are merely my observations. There are many exceptions in each category, but generally they seem to follow the trend as stipulated above.
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Re: MS of South East Asian countries

Postby rocoto » 06 Sep 2008 04:37

I totally agree with the observation of the MS design. This seems to be true to booklet stamps as well. Malaysia booklet stamps have different design to that of stamps from sheetlet. On the other hand, Singapore and Thailand (I don't know about other ASEAN countries) tend to have the same design.

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